Beginning November 6th, Saturday evening Mass will begin at 4:30 pm. Confessions will be heard beforehand from 3:30-4:15 pm.
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Youth Group & Life Teen

Welcome to St. Michael’s Youth Ministry Page!
St. Michael’s Youth Ministry shares the Catholic Faith
with our youth by teaching and providing experiences that:

-empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today
-draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic community
-foster the personal and spiritual growth of each young person

Youth Ministry at St. Michael’s has two components:
Life Teen (which is the rel. ed. formation for all high school students)
and Youth Group (which provides social, service, and spiritual opportunities to those in grades 6-12)


Curretn Meal Modifications:
-->Students will not serve themselves from the same container.
EX: Sloppy Joes - the parent bringing the sloppy Joes will wear a mask and gloves to serve each student. (This applies to any food item that is not individually wrapped.)
-->Families are asked to send in individually wrapped packages of chips/pretzels/fruit cups/etc. We would like to maintain a stash of non-perishable items like this that can be used as a side item to accompany the main dish.   



On the first weekend in February, Youth Group members prayed and fasted for 24 hours to build solidarity with our poor brothers and sisters. We learned many things,
 including this staggering fact: 
25,000 people die each day from HUNGER.
The painted banner in the Parish Hall contains 25,000 dots to represent the precious lives lost during the 24 hours that St. Michael’s Youth Group members were praying and fasting. 

Don’t forget about your FWP Jar! (FWP = First World Problems)
 YG Members are encouraged to recycle a jar or other container and label it FWP.
Each time you find yourself complaining about FWP, add a coin to your container. The coins serve as a reminder that FWP are not life & death struggles that our third world brothers and sisters face each day, around the world. At the end of Lent, you can bring your FWP money to YG. We will combine it all, giving half to CRS for global poverty and half to Warm-A-Heart for local poverty.


What is Youth Group?
Youth Group provides social, service and spiritual opportunities to those in grades 6-12.
These activities include: CYO Summer Camp, Pancake Breakfasts, making and selling our ‘famous’ Cheese Balls, Bible study, digging deeper into our Faith, CRS Food Fast, Chili Suppers, The Ultimate Day of Challenges (U.D.O.C), annual Easter Egg Hunt, tobogganing, adopting a Christmas Family, Kickball Parties, Fill-the-Fridge-Days and SO MUCH MORE…

When does Youth Group meet?
Depending on the nature of the activity and time of the year, Youth Group (YG) meets at a variety of times and places. YG generally meets on the second Sunday of each month from 11:30-1:30, with lunch together in the Parish Hall. We then head over to the YG room for more faith & fun. Other times during the month, me might meet off-site for a social or service opportunity. Read your Salt Shaker Newsletter, sign up for Remind messages, and view our Calendar so that you never miss an activity!

So… what is  then?  
LIFE TEEN is religious education for all high school students. High School students meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays from September through April. Each LIFE TEEN Sunday begins with the 10:30 am Mass. After Mass, we share lunch together in the Parish Hall, then continue over to the YG Room for faith-based discussions and more. We finish at 1:30 pm. 

In Short...
Youth Group activities are open to students in grades 6-12.
and Life Teen is open to students in grades 9-12.




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Info for LifeTeen Masses:
*Until Further Notice, there will only be a lector role for LT Masses.

Click here for Lector's Notes

Click here for Usher's Notes

Info for Altar Servers:

Click here for the Servers' Handbook
Click here for "How to Set up the Altar"

Adult Chaperones Need to Complete the following 3 forms each year:

Click here for the Adult Driving Chaperone Online Form

Click here for the Adult Emergency Medical Care Online Form

Click here for Adult Event Online Permission Slip

Parents Need to Complete the following form for each of their youth, on an annual basis:

Click here for the YOUTH Emergency Medical Care Form

There WILL be a required Permission Slip for each off-site Youth Activity. Youth, unlike adults, are not able to complete a 'blanket permission.'

All parents & youth should sign up at to receive important reminders about everything related to youth activities at St. Michael’s. Our class code to sign up for remind is @5ab3e.