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YG Points

Youth Group & Life Teen

What are Youth Group points?
Each time a student attends a YG activity, he/she earns a YG point. I keep track of these points from week to week and provide an updated list about once per month. Each YG point is equal to $1.00 and can be used ‘as cash’ to pay for activities that have fees, such as concert tickets, CYO Summer Camp, etc. For example, if bowling costs $10/person, and a YG member has at least 10 points, then he/she could use those points instead of cash and basically bowl for free! You can also use a combination of points + cash (5 pts and $5 cash).

Youth Group Point List

As of 5/23/23, the points are as follows:

B. Lizzie 80
B. Noah 108
B. Emma 42
B. Jeremiah 1
C. CJ 3
C. Sully 16
C. Jaelyn 21
C. Caitin 1
D. Charolette 19
D. Sydney 22
D. Cece 1
G. Gabe 55
H. Abbie 4
H. Zach 45
H. Lauren 13
K. Jayci 38
K. Lucy 6
M. Coco 13
M. Anna 26
M. Lydia 20
M. Eva 1
O. Alex 46
S. MKay 15
S. Jax 17
S. Nolan 2
S. Aden 1
S. Claire 1
T. Jadan 2
V. Jozie 71
Y. Leo 1
Y. Zoey 1