Beginning November 6th, Saturday evening Mass will begin at 4:30 pm. Confessions will be heard beforehand from 3:30-4:15 pm.
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YG Facebook Page

Youth Group & Life Teen

We also have a private facebook page for our youth group families. At least one parent is strongly encouraged to join our facebook page along with any youth in their home. Per safe environment guidelines, I am not ‘facebook friends’ with a youth who has not graduated from high school.

Why do I use both and a facebook page?
I have found that I can better reach our Youth Group families by maintaining both forms of communication. Remind is quick & easy for nearly everyone, but it has a character limit. For this reason, I often abbreviate in my Remind messages. Remind is perfect for quick reminders and snippets of inspiration. Through the facebook page, I can elaborate on events when needed, due to no character limits. The facebook page, by its nature, allows for more community-building within our YG families. It helps us maintain our connection outside the parish walls and throughout the week. 

I firmly believe that we must reach people where they are.
Together, and facebook are helping me do that :) 


Request here to be added to our private YG facebook page.