Beginning November 6th, Saturday evening Mass will begin at 4:30 pm. Confessions will be heard beforehand from 3:30-4:15 pm.
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Permission Slip for Amazing Fall Fun on Oct 23

Youth Ministry Event Participation Permission and Release

Date Sat Oct 23, 2021
Time 6:45pm - 10pm
Age Levels Open to all YG Members, grades 6-12
Purpose of Event fellowship & fun at The Amazing Fall Fun
Cost $11 per person (youth or adult)
Mode of Transportation Parent Vehicles
Additional Information We will carpool from St. Michael's at 6:45pm. We will return to St. Michael's at 10pm. Your $11
 includes admission to Indiana's LARGEST corn maze, Pumpkin Checkers & Tic Tac Toe, Farmer Foosball, Tire Mountain, Straw Mountain, The Hay Maze, Farmer Fastball, The Barrel Roll, Tug-O-War, Corn Hole, Pumpkin Tether-ball & more...

Youth Group members can use YG Points to pay for the $11 admission cost, but should bring their own cash if they plan on purchasing any food from the concession stand.
(Check to view your points.)

If you are going to meet us directly at Amazing Fall Fun, the physical address is: 
3150 County Road 43; Waterloo, IN 46793

Each Youth Group member (and any friends) must complete this form for each off-site Youth Ministry Event.

Youth are not allowed to complete a 'blanket permission slip' to cover all events.

Parent/Guardian Permission and Release
* A new Event Participation form must be completed for EACH Event. Information provided in the Annual Emergency Medical Care Form will apply to each Event in which your child is allowed to participate during the Youth Ministry Program year. Parents/guardians are responsible for updating the information on that form should changes occur during the Youth Ministry Program year.
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Address
Parent/Guardian Phone --
Parent/Guardian E-mail
Youth Participant Name
Youth Participant's Age
Youth Participant Grade
Digital Signature
In consideration of the aforementioned participant, my child, being allowed to participate in this event, I, on behalf of myself, my child and my child's other parent/guardian, hereby acknowledge recognition that such an activity may expose my child to risks and hazard not ordinarily encountered in the parish youth ministry program. Further, on behalf of myself, my child, and my child's other parent/guardian, I hereby release all claims, judgments and liability of every kind for any injury and damage of any kind, whether personal or property, that we or any one of us may suffer or incur due to my child's participation in the event, regardless of whether the injury or damage is attributable to the fault of parties other than the Parish or Diocese or attributable to the fault, including negligence, of the Parish or Diocese. I have instructed my child to follow the rules of conduct as directed by the parish youth ministry program and Diocese. By typing my full name and today's date, I certify that I am this student's legal parent or guardian (or that I am 18 years of age or older and am signing for myself), and hereby agree to the Youth Ministry Event Participation Permission and Release