Saturday evening Mass will remain at 4:30 p.m. throughout the year.
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Renting the Parish Hall

We’re pleased that you’d like to use our facilities for your occasion. Please find the procedure for booking the hall here. 


Why do we have this procedure?

When groups use the hall for non-parish, private events, insurance is needed to cover them incase of an accident. For instance, if someone should happen to fall and be injured or a kitchen accident causes damage, this transfers risk away from and covers both the parish and the third party that is using the facility. For a minimal charge of $95, you will have $1,000,000 in coverage. Catholic Mutual Group provides the Special Event Coverage insurance. This has been offered in the diocese for many years, but hasn’t been utilized in our parish in the past. It is in the best interest of all in mitigating risk for the parish, the diocese, and the renters.



Who needs to be covered by the insurance?

Some examples of non-parish events are wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners, family reunions, birthday parties, awards banquets, fundraisers that don’t benefit the parish, and baptism and First Communion parties. Some other types of events that are not covered:

  • Any event lasting longer than 72 hours

  • Fireworks

  • Events involving more than 1,000 people

  • Events where admission is charged unless all proceeds go to charity

  • Events where guests bring their own alcohol

  • Events involving amusement devices or trampolines

  • Any event organized and run by a professional promoter

  • Political rallies

What kinds of events are parish sponsored and don’t require a fee?

Parish sponsored events are any fundraisers that support the parish (Youth Group Pancake Breakfast, etc.), social gatherings in which all parishioners are invited (Adult Card and Game Night, Valentine’s Dinner, Family Movie Night, etc.), parish meetings, bible studies, and special speakers. Also, using the facilities to get ready for your wedding day doesn’t require you to pay a fee.


Does the parish profit from the rental fee?

No, the entire $95 goes to Catholic Mutual Group (CMG) to secure the insurance for your event.


Who do I need to contact and how far in advance?

Please call the secretary in the parish office at least 20 days before your event. She will help you book your event in the parish master calendar and send in the fee to CMG to ensure your event is covered. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.