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Safe Environment Application for Adults


THANK YOU for your interest in volunteering at St. Michael the Archangel. The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend requires that all volunteers working with children or teenagers on a regular basis go through a screening process to ensure the safety of the children and teenagers at our parish.

In order to apply to volunteer, please complete the four steps listed below. Once all four steps are completed, your application will be reviewed by the parish's Safe Environment Coordinator, and, if approved, the organization that you are volunteering for will be notified. 

1. Complete the Training Modules

INITIAL TRAINING:  Catholic Mutual Group (CMG) is conducting online training now for ALL our volunteers.  If you are a NEW volunteer, OR, if you have been volunteering at St. Michael's for a number of years, but have not yet received this INITIAL TRAINING with CMG, you must go online (click here) to create an account/profile and begin your Safe Environment training.  It is very important to enter your email, and keep it accurate, as it will be needed to contact you in the future for additional/updated training.

FUTURE TRAINING:  CMG will notify you by email every two years to update this training.  They will provide you with instructions as to how to proceed at the appropriate time.  IT WILL NOT BE NECESSARY FOR VOLUNTEERS TO SET UP NEW ACCOUNTS FOR THE UPDATE TRAINING.  Your account/profile that you initially set up is good for as long as you're a volunteer. 

2. Email a picture of your driver's license to the parish's Safe Environment Coordinator at safeenvironment@stmichaelwaterloo.com

3. Complete and Submit the Volunteer Application here.

4. Request a Criminal History (background check) by clicking the link that appears after submitting your Volunteer Application in step three. Please note: this must be done on a laptop or desktop.

If you have any questions, please contact the Safe Environment Coordinator in the parish office at 260-837-7115.