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{shopping with scrip is where it's at}


Wait, what is Scrip? {That sounds kind of weird} 

Scrip is an incredible fundraising tool for our parish, without turning you into a salesperson. Our parish will earn money just by using gift cards to pay for your everyday purchases! The church receives a percentage of the total purchase price back - at no additional cost to you! In other words, each business gives a donation to the parish, through the use of gift cards. {Really? >Yes.}

So, here's one family's example: 

Scrip Gift Cards Purchased

Percentage Each Business Gives

Back to the Parish

Speedway Gas Card ($25) yields 4% $1.00
Subway ($20) yields 3% $0.60
Pizza Hut ($20) yields 8% $1.60
Starbucks ($10) yields 7% $0.70
Walmart ($100) yields 2.5% $2.50
TOTAL Profit for Parish from THIS order:  $6.40
If 200 families participated weekly: $1,280.00 per week
Times 52 weeks per year: $66,560.00 per year
Extra cost to parishioners: ZERO
Benefit to the parish: PRICELESS


Ok, here are some ways to make this work for you and your family: 

- Buy gift cards for the things you need this week (gas, groceries, etc.)

- Start a Christmas Club for yourself: Buy 1-2 gift cards a week to have money in your hand ready for Christmas shopping in December (no more credit card bills in January!)

- If you're trying to stay on budget, using prepaid gift cards will help in only spending that set amount.

- Home project? Budget for it by buying Home Depot or Menard's gift cards each week to save up. 

- Give gift cards as gifts for birthdays or holidays.

- Baby on the way? Buy a couple gift cards every few weeks during pregnancy to have some takeout meals ready for when Baby comes. What a time {and sanity} saver in those first few weeks!

- Have a college student in your life? College kids love gift cards for gas and food.

- Stash a few restaurant cards for times you want to eat out.

There are so many ways this can work to your advantage AND help the church.

{We call that a win-win}


Alright, you're on-board and ready to order! Great. Here's what you need to know: 

> Before and after all Masses, there's a Scrip table in the church lobby {manned by three volunteers} - Place your order there. 

> We stock the most popular gift cards. There are HUNDREDS more available. If you order one that isn't stocked, it will be ready for you in one week. Click here to view the master list. {Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.}

> Kroger Customers: You don't need a gift card to contribute {it all works through your Kroger card}. Click here to enroll one-time.

> Want to fill out your order form in advance? Click here.


> Want to order and manage your Scrip completely online? Contact our Scrip coordinator, Jackie Hoff, to register online. Then, you can just jump on the app to instantly reload cards, order physical Scrip cards to be delivered to the Scrip table for you, or order ScripNow which sends a eCard to your email that you can print out or scan from your phone. 


In the busyness of life, sometimes {or many times} it's hard to give extra time to the church. Believe me, I know. Utilizing Scrip is one {pretty simple} way to give your time to your church. Thank you for your support. 


Questions? > Contact Jackie Hoff, Scrip Coordinator